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Why CEOs Are Standing Up a Revenue Operations Function

During the economic downturn, CEOs are looking for ways to drive GTM efficiencies without hampering growth. Market Leaders are executing this by transforming legacy Sales and Marketing Ops teams into a centralized Revenue Operations function and realizing higher company valuations than their peers.

Sales Leadership

Addressing Your Real Sales Challenge

Using Sales Design Thinking™, authors Mark Donnolo and Michelle Seger address how to provide leadership to meet sales teams and customers in their situations, rather than applying quick fixes to retain sales team members through this time.

Sales Leadership
Dave Egloff

Less Traditional Ways to Describe Sales Operations Activities

If you were to ask many sales operations leaders to describe their team’s activities, you will undoubtedly hear about efforts spanning: Sales technology Analytics and reporting Field support Sales compensation…

David Brock

Stop dictating everything sellers do

If we are to maximize the success of our people, we have to make sure they understand our “intent.” That is, what is our vision and purpose, what are our strategies and priorities

David Brock

What About The Forecast?

Forecasting is important to our business, we spend a lot of time (often too much) on forecasts. But too often, we get forecasting wrong. Some

Actively Managed
David Brock

Disciplined Execution, The Secret To Success!

Human beings are always looking for the secrets to success. Somehow, we want to believe there is the “one thing” that drives success. In sales

David Brock

“They Aren’t Using CRM!!!”

The first time a sales manager made this statement to me, in frustration, was about 20 years ago. Since then, it’s become the common complaint

Sales Leadership
David Brock

“I Don’t Have Time To Coach/Do Reviews!”

I sit with management teams discussing Sales Execution Discipline and the importance of a regular coaching and review cadence. Inevitably, during the discussion, one manager

Sales Leadership
David Brock

It Is ALWAYS About Execution

I’ve been writing a lot about our Sales Execution Framework and a “Back To Basics” approach to sales management and selling. These articles have generated

David Brock

“I’m Drowning In Reviews!”

Recently, I was speaking to a number of sales execs. We were talking about how to improve the performance of their teams. One manager in

Sales Leadership
Yuri Dekiba

BrightTALK webinar

Valuable Takeaways from CSO Insights – Sales Performance Report About this webinar Hear Seleste Lunsford, Chief Research Officer at CSO Insights, discuss the findings from

Sales Leadership
Kevin Raybon

The Sales Development Conference

The Sales Development Conference brings together VPs, Directors and Managers of Sales Development, along with SDRs, Marketers, C-Level Execs, Owners and VC’s for a day

Sales Leadership

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