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When the SOPSA team finds Sales Ops content that our members will benefit from, we bring that content in to our community so that it can be easily discovered. This is our first curated podcast. See the SOPSA summary below to see more about the podcast and why we think it is worth your time.

SOPSA Summary
Stories from Sales Ops Pros around the globe

We all have a story about how we got into the Sales Ops profession. This podcast from the good people at ebsta is a treasure trove of interviews with Sales Ops pros from around the globe. Each interview has actionable wisdom.

The Sales Ops Demystified podcast is hosted by Tom Hunt from ebsta.

ebsta makes sales productivity solutions that plug directly into

This podcast has one specific goal…To turn you into a Sales Ops Ninja. They find the biggest and best Sales Ops minds in the world and ruthlessly extract all their secrets with 8 simple questions.

Our staff has listened to them all. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Episode 38 – Kevin Raybon, Chairman SOPSA 
  • Episode 33 – Anthony McPartlin, Research Director @ Forrester
  • Episode 32 – Derek Dean @ TTEC
  • Episode 5 – Kirsty Charlton @ SignalAI
  • Episode 4 – Alex Williams @ Roxhill Media
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About the Host

Tom Hunt is the Chief Marketing Officer of ebsta.

Ebsta seamlessly integrates emails, calls, calendars and Salesforce to automatically unlock every business relationship, enrich Salesforce records with the most up-to-date contact information and capture a 360° view of activity with every customer.

Ebsta’s Chrome, Gmail & Outlook add-ins provides Reps with market-leading sales engagement tools to boost productivity and adoption. Features like email tracking, personalized cadences and meeting scheduler help Reps successfully engage with customers at scale.

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