Process Is The Foundation For Agility/Nimbleness


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We want to be flexible, nimble, able to adapt to the circumstances, leap on an opportunity, respond quickly. We abhor process since that constrains our creativity and ability to innovate.

Too often, when I talk to leaders and sales people about process, they cite some of the things outlined above as the reason they don’t want process.

The reality, is they don’t understand agile, lean, nimbleness. The mistake random reactions/responses for being agile, when they are about the furthest thing from agile and lean possible.

In reality everything in agile and lean is based on deep understanding of process. Process provides a context in which to evaluate everything and determine the best response. Organizations that are truly agile start from a strong process base.

Agile, nimble, and adaptive organizations always come from a strong process orientation. They recognize process provides the basis for understanding and evaluating everything. It doesn’t constrain our ability to be creative and innovative, but provides the starting point for systematic, sustainable innovation.

Process actually frees us up to be innovative and creative. It provides us a framework and models in which we can assess opportunities, alternatives. It enables us to adapt in meaningful ways, doing so purposefully, rather than just reacting or responding aimlessly.

Process provides us the basis for evaluating innovation, for moving forward, learning and improving.

Too often, people position process and agile/lean as at odds with each other, they suggest, “Do you want to be driven by the process, or creative/innovative?” It’s really a false choice posed by people who don’t understand leveraging agile/lean principles for innovation, change and improvement.

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