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Peer Advisory Groups

We bring together Sales Operations leaders into small groups who meet monthly to share best practices. If you are interested please click below.

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What our members have to say

"For too long, Sales Ops professionals have needed a community all their own. I am looking forward to helping this community grow."
Jason Jordan
"Throughout my career, I have either been responsible for sales operations at global companies...or supplied services to people who run the function. SOPSA fills a real need. This movement has my support."
Karen Neely-Reed
Senior Director - Consulting
"I wish SOPSA was around when I was running Sales Ops! Now that I am a researcher, our partnership with SOPSA allows members to participate in our research and get early access to our findings."
Yuri Dekiba
Sales Operations Pro (15+ years)
"For sales teams to thrive, they must have a strong culture...a sense of purpose...they need to discover their story. Sales Ops is such a critical component in enabling the sales team. I am thrilled to see this new community spin up. I believe in the people behind it and know it will be successful."
Ben Zoldan

Frequently asked questions

For too long, it has been difficult for Sales Ops professionals to connect with each other and share knowledge.

SOPSA was started to fill that gap.

Sales Operations leaders have a big mission. They are to build and operate the most productive sales organizations possible. While working toward this mission, they stand at the cross-roads of the critical functions within their organizations. They work directly with sales leadership, marketing, IT, human resources, finance, strategy and customer success teams. They are responsible for taking the revenue strategy and making it executable…and doing so within very specific constraints.

Sales Ops leaders need resources to help them do their own job in a more productive manner.

The purpose of SOPSA is to serve the productivity needs of Sales Operations leaders so that they can be more effective at their role and operate their teams more efficiently.

SOPSA launched for initial membership in June of 2019. We are rapidly adding members, thought leaders and sponsors to our community. 

Our founder and chairman, Kevin Raybon, has served as a sales operations leader for over 15 years. His career has included leadership positions at CA Technologies, NEC of America, Schneider Electric and Thomson Reuters. Over the years, he has become recognized in the Sales Operations world as a thought leader on founding, transforming and growing Sales Ops organizations. He is a frequent speaker at sales management and technology events.

Like most of our members, Kevin did not start his career with the intention of leading Sales Operations. Over the 30+ years of his career, his experiences prepared him for the role. Kevin has a heart for serving others and readily shares what he has learned from the successes….and failures on his career journey.

SOPSA is the only community designed exclusively for those in the Sales Operations function.

Our mission is to grow the function of Sales Operations and the careers of those who serve in it.

We are about connections!

Connections to each other, Connection to content and resources for Sales Ops Pros

In short, no.

There are plenty of world class research firms who serve the Sales Ops function. We don’t seek to duplicate or replace those firms.

We build partnerships with them in order to:

  • Make their content easy to access
  • Help them find participants for their research projects
  • Grow the thinking about where Sales Ops is headed


SOPSA is a stand alone organization dedicated to the success of our members.

We are member supported.

While vendors can participate in the community as Corporate Members, they do so in a limited and controlled manner. Vendors provide thought leadership content, but do not have access to SOPSA member only groups.

Corporate Members of our community commit to providing value and refraining from using this community for pure advertising and lead generation efforts.


The processes that Sales Ops enables cross functional boundaries in all organizations. Having members from other business functions helps build a common understanding of how to build a successful sales engine.

Yes. SOPSA has team memberships available. Professional members have access to discounts for their team. If you are interested in Team Memberships, email us at Team Membership Request

We do not have corporate sponsorships available. We are a member supported community which is made up of sales ops professionals.

If your company produces products or services which are regularly purchased by Sales Ops professionals, you can join as a Corporate Member.

We are having these discussions with individuals and groups all over the world. If you have a group of 10 members or more who already meet regularly….or think you could pull together enough members in your region to form a chapter, drop us a line at Chapter Info Request

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