Adjusting Sellers’ Pay due to Market Disruption

A significant drop in sales revenue can have a major impact on the sales force, including turnover caused by reduced earnings or company initiated terminations. Most companies consider their sales force a long-term asset possessing unique institutional knowledge about products, customers and company practices. The loss of the sales force due to turnover or terminations will directly impact a company’s ability to rebound from the COVID-19 crisis.

Hear from the experts at Alexander Group about the options for adjusting sellers' pay in these times of market disruption


The COVID-19 crisis is compelling sales leadership “to act” and to defend the variable pay of their sellers. The extent of this protective action depends on the expected length and duration of the crisis, and the downward forecast (mostly unknown) to sales performance. However, the how “to act” is clear. The levers of action include sales strategy, management and performance management. Under the performance category, which primarily includes sales quotas and variable compensation, lies the most pressing issue of how to keep sellers motivated and paid in a crisis. Questions addressed in this course:

  • Should we protect sellers’ pay?
  • Should we adjust total compensation or quotas?
  • At what point should leadership adjust quotas?
  • How should we communicate to the sales team?
  • What are the best levers I can adjust?
  • What should I do when the economy turns back ‘on’?

This course is provided as a service to the members of the Global Sales Operations Association by our founding underwriter, Alexander Group.

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Your instructor is a renown expert in Sales Compensation – David Cichelli.

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