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  • 02 December 2021 05:00 PM      06:00 PM

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    Recurring revenue success depends on customer renewals and expansion. But that only happens if customers believe you help them reach their goals. Cultivating this kind of trust requires consistent engagement long after the deal has closed.
    To help revenue teams be more customer-centric, Winning by Design developed SPICED, a sales framework centered on understanding and achieving the customer’s desired impact by promoting successful customer conversations and enhancing ongoing customer relationships.
    Skuid has teamed up with Winning by Design to bring that winning sales framework to life as a qualification app, available as a free service to help revenue leaders achieve recurring revenue success. Join us for an introduction to the SPICED app and learn:
    What SPICED is and how customer-centric sales can accelerate recurring revenue growth. The Skuid approach: designing human-centered experiences. How to bring the SPICED methodology to life with Skuid and Salesforce. An example use case and demo of the qualification app. Register today and learn how you can use the SPICED app to deliver recurring impact to your customers.

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