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Design Thinking to Solve Your Biggest Sales Challenge

Sales quotas aren't all about the numbers. Quotas! Using Design Thinking to Solve Your Biggest Sales Challenge sheds new light on quota challenges, the story behind them, and the methods to solve them. Many organizations struggle to reach effective, market-driven sales quotas, with more than half reporting quota setting as one of their top sales dilemmas. Instead of wrestling over the number, author Mark Donnolo contends that organizations can better achieve effective sales quotas by applying a problem-solving approach. With decades of experience working with major organizations on successful sales strategies, he offers engaging stories embedded with business problems and poses challenge questions to prompt a creative, five-step design-thinking process.
Chapters feature quota design frameworks and a range of applicable, scalable methods. You'll also find rare, expert guidance through the candid perspectives and advice of CEOs and other senior leaders. This book is a must-read for those who help set quotas as well as those who fulfill them.
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About the Book

Quota setting is consistently at-or-near the top of the list of sales compensation challenges for most companies.  Sales organizations often receive “the number” from corporate, with no visibility into what went into it.  And often, “the number” has been padded at each step in the process, so when it finally reaches the field, it has no clear connection to the original number or the actual market opportunity. That can lead to dissatisfaction, frustration, and ultimately, falling short of achieving the goal.

Connecting the front line to the corner office – by connecting quota, territory and compensation – turns a top-down into a bottom-up approach, gains buy-in from the sales team and avoids the pitfalls that happen when the corporate goal is imposed on the sales organization.

Mark Donnolo sheds light on new ways to approach quota-setting by applying the Sales Design ThinkingSM process and taking into account the levers that hold the key to setting the number and meeting the company goal.

In his upcoming book, through numerous stories and examples, you will learn a practical data driven approach to uncover the sales capacity of your team and the impact it has on getting to your goal. You will also explore an approach to increasing sales capacity without simply adding headcount. We will also delve into the importance of market opportunity, and how to transition your business from a historical view to understanding what the actual white space and green space opportunity is in your market.

Finally, you will discover the positive impact this approach will have on quota attainment and the buy-in you will get from your team to go out and hit their number.

Genre: Sales Planning & Analysis
Tag: New Releases
Publisher: Association for Talent Development
Publication Year: 2019
ASIN: 1950496236
ISBN: 1950496236
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About the Author
Mark Donnolo

Mark Donnolo is founder and managing partner of SalesGlobe, a leading sales innovation firm that works with its clients on developing strategies to grow revenue. SalesGlobe focuses on sales strategy, sales organization design, sales talent, account planning, sales compensation, and sales quotas.

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