Sally E. Lorimer

Sally E. Lorimer is a business writer. She is a co-author of numerous academic articles and books on sales force management. As a former principal at ZS, she has helped clients in a range of industries implement strategies for improving sales effectiveness and performance. She has an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management and is also a graduate of the University of Michigan.

The Complete Guide to Sales Force Compensation

The Complete Guide to Sales Force Compensation

The third book in the sales force series from ZS Associates shows organizations how to motivate their sales force, drive results and increase their bottom line. A well-designed and implemented incentive program is a powerful tool for building a motivated, highly effective sales force that delivers outstanding results. Yet incentive programs are notoriously complicated instruments: often too stingy to motivate, too quick to reward mediocre results, too complicated to understand, or too difficult to implement.


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