Charles Forsgard

Stop Kidding Yourself

Stop Kidding Yourself

In his new book, Stop Kidding Yourself, author Charles Forsgard reveals a fundamental flaw in many sales teams. Too many sales managers are forced to focus on the wrong things by their organizations, so much so that their primary role—actually leading and coaching their salespeople—takes a back seat.

Forsgard explains three essential elements to successful sales management: selecting true salespeople for your team, sending them to the right places to sell, and utilizing processes designed to actually help the salesperson be more effective.

Stop Kidding Yourself is a guide for sales managers who want to make a real difference for their salespeople. The book shows how to flip CRM software from being a burden for the salesperson to being an indispensable tool that they can’t live without—using predictive analytics to give them insights and focus that they never had before on the deals in their pipeline.

The techniques of Stop Kidding Yourself work for companies of all sizes and managers at any level of sales leadership who want their salespeople to be more proactive than reactive.

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