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Quick, can you name 4 Sales Ops Pros like you from other companies? If not, find them in SOPSA and start collaborating. We have so much to learn from each other.

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Sales Ops Insider is a constantly updated online publication which curates Sales Ops specific content from around the web and from within the SOPSA community. Get out of your Inbox and find what matters.

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Members have access to our unique Project Center to build and run their portfolio of projects. Select from our library of Sales Ops Templates so you don’ t have to start from a blank page.



Members have access to Sales Ops specific training. Invest in your career. Grow your skills and get that new role you have been looking for. 

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Hunting down suppliers for consulting, research, training and  technology initiatives can be a time sink. Use our comprehensive directories to speed up research.

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We curate an event calendar with Sales Ops specific meetings all over the world. Members can plan their time and budget appropriately.

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Through our Regional Chapter program, members meet up with their peers in locations near them. Real meetings with real people. What a concept!

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Sales Operations can be a risky career journey

Many lessons learned by successful Sales Ops leaders during their career were gained the hard way. Our members want you to learn from their experience so that you can grow in your career without as many bumps along the way.

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